Short Introduction

The „Libertäres Zentrum“ is a social center in the south of Magdeburg, Germany. It’s a place for people to live as well as for antagonistic politics, art, music, and much more. On the one hand, we want to create a living community as an alternative to anonymous appartments and neighborhoods. On the other hand, we want to offer people & groups space for antifascist & anticapitalist politics, workshops, artwork, etc.
Our roots are in the squatting of an old industrialist’s mansion in summer 2009. Here we met, created a lively place and enjoyed a great summer together. However, due to increasingly hostile police activities (i.e. they beat up random pedestrians in front of the squat; water and food supplies were shut down; no-one could neither enter nor leave the area; etc.), we decided to abandon the squatting after several weeks.
After that ‘cold eviction’, it was obvious to us we had to continue our struggle for a social center, and we finally signed a contract for the house we’ve got now.
We offer sleeping places for visitors and are happy about international support. We’re still a big construction place, hence our home is not luxurious.
You’re very welcome to visit us, simply get in touch before you come around.
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